Welcome to our DBA program! Swiss School of Management is pleased to introduce you to its Doctor of Business Administration program. The purpose of the DBA program is gaining new knowledge in business and management, by the application and testing of existing theories and models, to the benefit of individual organizations, industries or regions.

The program supports you in your academic or professional career development. The program is relevant, rich, academically valid and in line with national and international standards. It fulfills the criteria of the process of harmonization of higher education in Europe and the learning outcomes of the European Qualification Framework EQF-Level 8.

The DBA degree requires the demonstration of findings and conclusions based on data obtained from sound methodologies and couched in relevant and recent literature on the topic of research.

The program provides the level of training and support you need to produce high-quality research in your field of interest and specialization. You are not alone in your journey. You are guided by our internationally experienced faculty members who are experts in their fields. Our unique Research Labs provide you with all the help you need, at all stages of your research.
We are looking forward to start this journey with you