Bachelor Logistics Management

The global economy requires efficient movement of products from manufacturers to consumers. A bachelor in logistics arms students with the knowledge required for successful careers in supply chain procedures and management. Courses will cover topics such as warehouse management, manufacturing procedures, product tracking, supplier relationships, supplier or vendor contracts, transportation issues, and more. Students who earn logistics degrees can find employment with manufacturers, retailers, distributors, transportation companies, and other vendors involved in supply chain processes.

Programme Overview

Welcome at Logistics Management. You are starting a three-year bachelor programme of the Limburg Graduate School of Business. Every European Credit Transfer (ECTS) you earn consists of 25 study hours. After three years you need to have spend 4500 study hours, so this means you will get 180 ECTS when you complete the programme. 

Mode of Lecture

The Bachelor Logistics Management (BLM) programme is a blended programme. That means that you will use a high tech e-learning platform that works flawless on mobile phones and gives the opportunity  to study where-ever, when ever. 5 times per semester there is a live workshop you may attend. In the third and last year of the bachelor we address trends and the national aspects of logistics. The last semester of the bachelor is dedicated to a project or internship. After collecting 180 ECTS, you graduate. There will be a graduation ceremony where you will receive an official accredited degree awarded by Swiss School of Management (SSM). This degree gives you all the application requirements you need to enroll in the next cohort of an (international) masters degree.

In the syllabus you will find all the information you need to know about the Bachelor Logistics Management programme.